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Though I wear many other hats professionally and personally, I am a creative at heart who has found expression in a variety of art forms all my life–acting, singing, drawing, storytelling, photography– you name it, I did it. My primary place in the arts is poetry and the written word, but I love color, texture, and design, hence my foray into more of the visual arts and mixed media featured in my paper, fabric, and beading designs.

I soaked up sewing (and endured not a few pinpricks) at a young age from my mom, an incredible, detailed seamstress and creative in her own right, who often made clothing for me.

I adore birds, not only aesthetically, but as a naturalist and educator who believes that birds (and birding) can be a vehicle for developing interest in one’s local ecology and inspiring greater care for the environment at large.

My creative work is inspired by the most creative of all– Nature.

One of my mantras is “live in color”; maybe it’s all the Seattle grey, but it comes to life through my art, as featured below in my original Rainbow Finch beaded necklace and the Multitasker © headwrap//mask.

Kate is based in Seattle, WA, but is always California Dreaming.

Selected Works from Portfolio

Posts of Interest

Let’s Go

August 2019

Who’s ready for a road trip? We can dream of riding HWY 1 on this little Vespa, taking our time while the rest of the world speeds by.

This collage-style card features a completely hand-assembled scooter from individual die cut pieces.

Commissioned Work

Feb 2019

Perch loves commissions and with my wide range of materials, dies, stamps, and ideas, I can work with you to put together the perfect special occasion card or package.

This card was developed for a PNW dad who loves fishing. Reflective of the Scandinavian influence in Seattle, the fish was entirely hand-assembled from many die cut pieces, using upcycled papers.

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